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Allen Lulu

Voice Over Category: The Men  

Actor Information

Name:  Allen Lulu - Real person. Guy next door. Great comedic timing and improv skills.
Union Memberships:  SAG, AFTRA
Reading Age:  25-35
City:  Los Angeles
State:  California

Resume & Biography:  

If you’ve bought anything over the past 22 years, chances are Allen Lulu had a hand in selling it to you. A veteran of over 130 television and radio commercials, Allen has been appeared in radio and television spots for VeryFine, Miller Beer, Golden Grahams, Nissan, Baskin Robbins, Kawasaki, Avis, L.A. Times, Coco’s, Converse, Kelly Tire, Arizona Tourism, Nintendo, Telefloral, Michigan Lottery, Pringles, V-8, Midas, Sprite, Tyco, Jeopardy, Toys R US, Keystone, Pizza Hut, 7-11, California Raisins, California Almonds, Taco Bell, Volkswagen, 7-Up, Boston Chicken, Popeye’s Chicken, Honda, Hostess, Chi Chi’s Salsa, Hebrew National, Shell-Desenex, Bank One, TCI Digital Cable, NY Lottery, Blockbuster, Sears, Nike, McDonald’s, Snicker’s, Nikon, Ford, DirecTV, Ameritech, Genuity, Maaco, Big Lots, Westinghouse, Roundtable, Pace, Verizon, Sure, Cream of Wheat, Clairol, 1-800-COLLECT, IBC, A&W, Pizza Inn, Triples, Tropical Freezes, USPS, Carefree Koolerz, Burger King and Domino’s. He has appeared in dozens of television shows and was a regular on the tv series Reasonable Doubts and Charlie Grace.

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