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March 2010

Allen Lulu

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If you’ve bought anything over the past 22 years, chances are Allen Lulu had a hand in selling it to you. A veteran of over 130 television and radio commercials, Allen has been appeared in radio and television spots for VeryFine, Miller Beer, Golden Grahams, Nissan, Baskin Robbins, Kawasaki, Avis, L.A. Times, Coco’s, Converse, Kelly Tire, Arizona Tourism, Nintendo, Telefloral, Michigan Lottery, Pringles, V-8, Midas, Sprite, Tyco, Jeopardy, Toys R US, Keystone, Pizza Hut, 7-11, California Raisins, California Almonds, Taco Bell, Volkswagen, 7-Up, Boston Chicken, Popeye’s Chicken, Honda, Hostess, Chi Chi’s Salsa, Hebrew National, Shell-Desenex, Bank One, TCI Digital Cable, NY Lottery, Blockbuster, Sears, Nike, McDonald’s, Snicker’s, Nikon, Ford, DirecTV, Ameritech, Genuity, Maaco, Big Lots, Westinghouse, Roundtable, Pace, Verizon, Sure, Cream of Wheat, Clairol, 1-800-COLLECT, IBC, A&W, Pizza Inn, Triples, Tropical Freezes, USPS, Carefree Koolerz, Burger King and Domino’s. He has appeared in dozens of television shows and was a regular on the tv series Reasonable Doubts and Charlie Grace.

Beth Lulu

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If you have been watching tv over the past few years and found yourself howling with laughter at some commercial, chances are good that it’s been Beth Lulu who’s been cracking you up. A veteran of the NY Stand-Up circuit, a finalist for Comedy Central’s National Comedy Contest as well as supporting stints for Tom Rhodes and Louis C.K. as well as others, Beth Lulu was most recently seen as the wife of “Armadillo Man” in commercials for Capital One, and has appeared in spots for Swiffer, Mrs. T’s Perogis, Washington Mutual and starring with Alice Cooper in his series of international commercials for Saturn Electronics.


New York City (Script Analysis and Scene Study): Bob Krakower (on camera) Victoria Kress
Los Angeles (Scene Study): Diana Castle

Los Angeles: BANG Improv Studios

Los Angeles: Huck Liggett at The Voicecaster and Nick Omana at Nova Studios

Jason Locke

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Simply put, Jason rules at doing the “Cool Young Hip Guy Voices” (ages 16- late 30′s.)He  also specializes in various character voices including teenage chicks, babies, animals and street slang. He worked with Disney on their Theme Park Commercials and the Disney/T Rowe Price online video game “The Piggy Bank Adventure.” He has also done an inspiring PSA for underage drinking in the Midwest. He is never late, never flakes and everyone says that he is an absolute pleasure to work with… (He happens to agree).

Cathy Lewis

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In the 15 years since she first appeared on the scene, comedienne Cathy Lewis has earned the respect and admiration of audiences and fellow
comedians as well as the stellar reputation for being one of the industry’s most philanthropic up and coming performers. From the tough beginnings of being born with a congenital heart condition called Tectrology of Fallet, Lewis has survived four open heart surgeries since childhood. 4 plastic surgeries due from a surgery she had for a ear disease called Meniere disease.

Never one to give up, she turned her would be tragedy into a triumph getting laughs on stage talking about her physical condition among other things, and later founding Big Heart Productions in 1996.

Big Heart Productions is an organization dedicated to helping charities through comedy benefits. Over the years she has teamed with such national and regional organizations as the Make-a-Wish Foundation, Crippled Children’s Society, The Community Alliance for the Blind and the City of Richmond, California to benefit the East Bay Prenatal Council and a community rebuilding project. Big Heart Productions has produced events featuring such renowned comedians as Chris Rock, Damon Wayans, Bill Maher and Kevin Pollack.

Lewis, a Bay area native, has performed regularly at The World Famous Comedy Store where she produce and performs weekly. She has also appeared on such television programs “ Last Comic Standing” NBC “ The Journey of Allen Strange” for Nickelodeon, “ Comic View” BET, and The Jenny Jones Show and this year 2007 on Nickelodeon “Teapot” as the voice of Bouche.

For the past 10 years her extraordinary life has been the subject of a documentary started by Spike Lee collaborator Monty Ross and Donna Lane of Purple Pacific Productions.

John Posey

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John Posey, a graduate of the University of Florida, hails from Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma, though not all at the same time. He was noticed while toiling on stage for the Atlanta-based, 80′s comedy group, “Comedia”, a group he co-founded. He was later brought to Los Angeles by network casting executives, where he has since compiled a long list of theatre, television and film credits that include “24”, “BOSTON LEGAL”, “E.R.”, SEINFLED, CHEERS, CHICAGO HOPE, THE CLIENT, A SOLDIER’ STORY, MANHUNTER, FROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, NEWSRADIO, PROVIDENCE, and CROSSING JORDAN, among many others. He is also very active in the voice-over market.

Posey is also an established screen, stage and television writer. He recently completed “Eddie The Eagle, The Accidental Olympian” for HBO. “Eddie” is the story of the wildly inept British ski-jumper who found fame in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. He has sold original feature scripts to Disney, Sony, and is in post-production on his OWN feature, LEGENDARY, a coming-of-age drama in which he will play a supporting role. (also starring Patricia Clarkson and Danny Glover.)

He has performed his critically acclaimed, one-man stage production, FATHER, SON & HOLY COACH all over the country since 1993.

Posey also wrote for the TV series “DOC” (2001-2004) and created the syndicated radio series, “A Lighter Look At Sports” for CNN radio (1985).

He lives in Los Angeles County, CA. He is married to Cyndi and the father of two boys, Jesse and Tyler. Tyler is also an actor starred opposite Jennifer Lopez in the film “Maid In Manhattan” as well as several other high profile TV/film productions. He will next appear in “Legendary” and “Teenwolf “ for MTV.

Julian Rios

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Julian Rios III, recent graduate from Cornish College of the Arts, is a trained actor and a certified Actor-Combatant proficient in the use of Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger, and Hand-to-Hand stage combat. During his time in Seattle, WA Julian studied under several working professionals and performed in several collaborative productions, including a re-working of the timeless classic The Doctor In Spite of Himself at the prestigious ACT theater, located in down town Seattle. After receiving his BFA in Theater, Julian moved to California and soon after found representation with the Daniel Hoff Agency. Now residing in West Los Angeles, he enjoys writing music on his guitar and singing in his free time.

Successful Voiceover Campaigns!

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The goal is not just to get your message heard, but to have it remembered !  So, how important is it to hire a professional voice actor?

‘When a script is read by a professionally trained voice, 83% of information will be retained by the listener.  If the same script is delivered by an untrained person, retention can drop to 45% or lower!’

- A study by the ‘Fondation de la Recherche Psychologique

If the goal is to have your message both heard and retained, the solution is obvious…

NOVA Talent Management Company

DeBorah Sharpe-Taylor

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DeBorah Sharpe-Taylor, enjoyed 3 seasons on AMERICAN IDOL as a member of the finale choir. She is the children’s choir directorat Christ Memorial Church (pastored by André Crouch), Vocal Instructor and Musical Director for Phillips Performing Arts (Alice in Wonderland, Seussical, Guys & Dolls, Annie…. Performing Arts for Life and Education Foundation (Christmas Came to Watts Too, & As We Like It) Towne Street youth summer musical theatre program (The Wiz, Beauty and the Beast, & Bubbling Brown Sugar). She also teaches her VOCAL ZONE Technique privately offering one-on-one, and performance group vocal instruction. Her most recent STAGE performance credits include The Day The Earth Shook Haiti, My Old Friends, 365 Days Plays, BoobyTrap, Blues In The Night, REJOICE, and As We Like It. Since the mid 90’s, Ms. Sharpe-Taylor has performed Letters to Harriet Tubman throughout the greater Los Angeles area as Harriet. She was in the original production of Little Shop of Horrors, at the Orpheum Theatre in NYC with her late husband the original Voice of Audrey II (the Man eating PLANT), Ron Taylor. She performed in and functioned as Vocal Director (Geffen Playhouse, LA) for the Broadway Musical Ron created, It Ain’t Nothin But The Blue. Other notable theatre credits include, Jelly’s Last Jam, The Wiz, Purlie, Eubie, Blues in the Night and Once On This Island, among others.

Ms. Sharpe-Taylor had the privilege of touring with some notable performers. She appeared as the 3rd member of the SUPREMES with Mary Wilson, and Cindy Birdsong, and sang back up for HARRY BELAFONTE, SOUL ll SOUL, and BARRY WHITE, to name a few. TV commercials include Sharpie Pens, Rite Aid, and OneTouch Glucose Monitor, and most recently Safeway/Von’s, Vytorin, and McDonalds, and she recently completed a TV Pilot called CULTURE SHOCK. Voice-over bookings include, AT&T, J.C. Penney, Albertons, State Farm Ins, and MGD to name a few. And finally, see her in the films Road Kings (Epiphany Films) and the soon to be released, Julius Home.

Mark Comstock

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Started voice over career in 1993 in Orange County California. moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to pursue voice-over as a full time career. Currently resides in Los Angeles.

Voiced all types of commercials:

Cars: Honda, Nissan, The voice of Red Hook Ale, and Biggs Foods, REMAX, National Association of Realtors, NHL, Yahoo, Fireman’s Fund insurance, Intel, In-Flight for United Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Trailers for video games., Promo’s for CBS., Narration on History Channel, Video games with NHL 2K series., Looping for TV “Bones”, Voice over for films

Personal Interest:

Avid Hockey player, Fisherman, Average golfer (Extremely average)

Leisa Jo Waller

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Leisa Jo is a classically trained singer with a strong background in theater. Her musical training has helped her develop the skill to modulate her voice as needed. This, combined with her natural sense of timing and rhythm, allows her to deliver a compelling performance. Her warm and inviting voice has been heard on nationally run television spots for Sears, Marie Callender’s and eToys and on such regional spots as La Costa Resort and Spa, Qwest Wireless and Alaska Providence Medical Center. You’ll find she is both professional and a joy to work with.

Marianne Simpson

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Marianne has been a professional voice over actor for over 25 years. With hundreds of voice-overs including national campaigns for Honda, Gibson Guitar, Revlon, Lincoln Mercury, Chef Boyardee, Mervyns, Ben Bridge Jewelers, The Pork Council, and Sunkist …among many others. She has had many regional long running campaigns for projects such as; Mercedes Benz, Long Island Lighting, Indian Gaming, Arizona Promos and multiple political initiatives. She is proficient in accents including British, Irish, Scottish and Southern dialects. She has provided character work on video game projects for various developers.

Marilyn Dear

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Marilyn studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Her love for the theatre is a deeply entrenched family tradition. Temporarily diverted from acting by marriage, two children and a successful business career, her return has rejuvenated a considerable talent and longing anyone would find difficult to ignore.

Philip Stokes

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Philip Stokes is a 21 year old college student currently in transition from El Camino Community College to the University of California Berkeley. After losing his father at a young age, as well as suffering a spinal cord injury only a year later in a motorcycle accident, he has sought to inspire others to view overwhelmingly adverse situations as opportunities, rather, from which positive energy may be extracted. He provides this insight by way of inspirational speeches; while also incorporating a young, enthusiastic, and energetic male presence into his voice over

Robin Knight

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Robin’s heart lies in animation, she is never happier than when she is in the booth doing the voices of kids!! (boy voices ranging from about 4 years old up through late teens!!) She also loves playing these characters in commercials, radio… anywhere she can play! RUGRATS: ALL GROWN UP… to radio series ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY… to TV & radio commercials… !!

An athlete and youth advocate (“kids are the best”), Robin coaches kid’s basketball & baseball… and has done a lot of volunteer work with runaways, street kids and homeless youth, using Improv as a tool for expression.

“STORY is the thing”… Robin loves working with her screenwriting partner-in-crime, Tricia Owen… can’t imagine a day going by without tossing every thought and word back & forth until it jumps off the page and becomes something magical! Besides workin’ away in the ol’ screenplay world (lots of cool stuff happening there)… she has written a few plays, including JOEY & THE FIR TREE (inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen story), originally toured out of Seattle… and is the writer-director-producer of THE LAUGHING PLACE, an award-winning short film that played well in festivals, including the Mill Valley Film Festival. Robin had a Screenwriting Fellowship at the American Film Institute…

An actor and puppeteer, Robin has practically lived in the theatre, some productions include HENRY V, TWELFTH NIGHT & RICHARD III… the singing and dancing plant in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (Robin is also a muppet-style puppeteer)… the West Coast Premiere of AS IT IS IN HEAVEN (L.A. Drama Critics Circle nomination)… tons of Children’s Theatre… touring an AIDS project… and a lot of technical work, lighting designs to stage managing…

Film/TV roles include Tom Hanks’ shortstop in A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN, Nickelodeon’s ALL THAT, Tracey Ullman’s TRACEY TAKES ON… a film techie, too, she loves every aspect of filmmaking, from editing on Final Cut Pro and Avid to just being on the set doing whatever is needed!

Never too far from sports… Robin has been shooting at some NBA games (footage/camera, not hoops… but shooting hoops is fun, too!)… and is going into her 4th season working for MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL with the Networks and Gameday at DODGERS and ANGELS (and Spring Training)… as a Stats Stringer (that’s every statistic you can think of during the games)… and Pitch Fx (tracking everything you can think of about every pitch during the games, very filmic)… just ask her how cool it is and how lucky she feels being up there in the Vin Scully Press Box every game with her childhood heroes!!

Stu Levin

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Stu Levin has been in over 300 plays and directed at least 100 more. He has appeared in dozens of films and on TV from to “Doogie Howser” to “Boston Legal.” He is an active Voice Artist, having done vocal characterizations for video games, the “Avatar” TV show, commercials and Book-on-Tape.”

Todd Prepsky

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Todd Prepsky was the voice of Yoshinoya restaurants in Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and Los Angeles.  Able to perform within the 25-50 age range, he specializes in “regular guy” voices but also has the ability to do a variety of character voices.  Todd has a flair for the sardonic and sarcastic, but he can also be warm and conversational.

Vargus Mason

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The media dubbed Vargus “THE HUMAN CARTOON” at the 2002 San Francisco Comedy Competition. Using highly physical movement and an arsenal of animated voices, Vargus took 2nd place defeating 340 competitors world wide. Other national comedy titles include semifinalist at the 2006 Boston International Comedy Festival and HBO’s Young Young Comedian Spotlight; where performing for the first time at only 15, Vargus became the Rocky Mountain Regional Champion.

Now a seasoned professional comic, Vargus was ranked in the top 10 comedians of all MySpace. NBC’s Last Comic Standing, selected him as one of the world’s elite 40 comedians to compete in the semifinals of year 4. Other television credits include Russell Simmons Def Comedy Jam, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Comics Unleashed & Entertainers with Byron Allen, BET’s Comic-View and VH1’s Super Secret Movie Rules. Most recently Vargus was Comedy Central’s online red carpet host for the Celebrity Roast of Flavor Flav.

More importantly, Vargus takes a great deal of pride performing abroad for the military. His talents have taken him literally around the globe to 16 different countries as an entertainer for the U.S. Troops.

Hiring the Right Talent!

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The choice of talent can have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of a project…it can also have an enormous impact on the budget.  The talent fee of a given VO talent may be higher than others’, but a more experienced talent will deliver the read quicker, saving time (and money) in the studio.  It will also get the producer/director out of the studio faster, giving them more time to take care of other client needs…or maybe sneak in a quick nine holes at the golf course on the way home!

Don LaFontaine, King of the Voice-Over!

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Don LaFontaine was not only one of the most recognized voices of all time, Don was (in our opinion) responsible for putting the “voiceover”  industry on the map and making it part of our everyday lexicon.  Thanks to Don, there are few people who don’t know what voiceover is.  More than his talent, Don’s giving attitude and caring demeanor shall be greatly missed.

Victor Morris

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Victor has been blessed with guidance from the late maestros Anton Guadagno, tenor Franco Corelli, and basso contante George Peckham, and maestra Ellen Faull, as well as maestra Grace Bumbry and present mentor, maestro George Shirley. Prepared roles include Otello, Manrico (Il Travatore), Dick Johnson (La fanciulla del West), and Jean Valjean (Les Miserables). Victor recently debuted at The Apollo Theatre, singing arias and spirituals.

In Theatre, Victor was Curio, flautist, and assistant music director in Twelfth Night for Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and Aslan in the musical Narnia for Northwest Children’s Theater. He will be in the title role of Othello for Artist’s Repertory Theatre in Portland Oregon in Spring 2010.

Film credits include Sleepless in Seattle, Bigger Than The Sky, and the upcoming Freeman Brother’s Wake Before I Die, and Gus Van Sant’s Restless. Victor has also guest starred on the TNT television series Leverage with Timothy Hutton.

Victor is proficient in trumpet ,euphonium, mellophone horn, and bass flute, and is a recipient of the Accomplished Musician’s Award (Voice) in the IBLA Grand Prize Vocal Competition in Ragusa-Ibla, Italy.

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