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Successful Voiceover Campaigns!

March 14, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

The goal is not just to get your message heard, but to have it remembered !  So, how important is it to hire a professional voice actor?

‘When a script is read by a professionally trained voice, 83% of information will be retained by the listener.  If the same script is delivered by an untrained person, retention can drop to 45% or lower!’

- A study by the ‘Fondation de la Recherche Psychologique

If the goal is to have your message both heard and retained, the solution is obvious…

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Hiring the Right Talent!

March 6, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

The choice of talent can have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of a project…it can also have an enormous impact on the budget.  The talent fee of a given VO talent may be higher than others’, but a more experienced talent will deliver the read quicker, saving time (and money) in the studio.  It will also get the producer/director out of the studio faster, giving them more time to take care of other client needs…or maybe sneak in a quick nine holes at the golf course on the way home!

Don LaFontaine, King of the Voice-Over!

March 6, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Don LaFontaine was not only one of the most recognized voices of all time, Don was (in our opinion) responsible for putting the “voiceover”  industry on the map and making it part of our everyday lexicon.  Thanks to Don, there are few people who don’t know what voiceover is.  More than his talent, Don’s giving attitude and caring demeanor shall be greatly missed.

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