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Jorjeana Marie

Jorjeana Marie loves voice-over and being an actress.  She has been heard-and seen-for many years in New York City and Los Angeles in an extensive number of regional and national radio and tv commercials, promos, PSA’s and industrials.  A selection includes campaigns and commercials for American Express, Las Vegas Tourism, Magellan Navigation; PSA’s for Juvenile Diabetes, Harrah’s... (more...)

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John Causby

John has a friendly approachable voice with a wide range of interpretation. It is by no mistake that he can approach the most difficult copy: spokesperson and bring it to life in a believable, uncontrived way. After many years of VO and over 10,000 commercials, John can add a nuance to your voice over that few talent can. Also after being on both sides of the microphone (producer / director and talent)... (more...)

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Steve Bryan

Steve has a very unique and distinguished instrument that is rich, deep and textured.  It conveys warmth and compassion, the voice of luxury, desire, and trust.  He can also easily make the transition to the voice of authority and gravitas with presence and intensity.  His range and versatility cross many spectrums including commercial, promo, trailer, and narration.  He is the voice behind a major... (more...)

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Nick Omana

Nicholas Omana has been making his living doing voice-overs for over 25 years in Los Angeles. His talents have been heard on commercials for Bank of America, Butterball, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Clorox, Dole, Excedrin, GMC Truck, L.L. Bean, Nestle Crunch, nTelos Wireless, National Association of Realtors, Oregon Lottery, SBC, Southwest Airlines, The UPS Store,  and Laser Eye Center, and... (more...)

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Allen Lulu

If you’ve bought anything over the past 22 years, chances are Allen Lulu had a hand in selling it to you. A veteran of over 130 television and radio commercials, Allen has been appeared in radio and television spots for VeryFine, Miller Beer, Golden Grahams, Nissan, Baskin Robbins, Kawasaki, Avis, L.A. Times, Coco’s, Converse, Kelly Tire, Arizona Tourism, Nintendo, Telefloral, Michigan... (more...)

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Beth Lulu

If you have been watching tv over the past few years and found yourself howling with laughter at some commercial, chances are good that it’s been Beth Lulu who’s been cracking you up. A veteran of the NY Stand-Up circuit, a finalist for Comedy Central’s National Comedy Contest as well as supporting stints for Tom Rhodes and Louis C.K. as well as others, Beth Lulu was most recently... (more...)

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Jason Locke

Simply put, Jason rules at doing the “Cool Young Hip Guy Voices” (ages 16- late 30′s.)He  also specializes in various character voices including teenage chicks, babies, animals and street slang. He worked with Disney on their Theme Park Commercials and the Disney/T Rowe Price online video game “The Piggy Bank Adventure.” He has also done an inspiring PSA for underage... (more...)

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Cathy Lewis

In the 15 years since she first appeared on the scene, comedienne Cathy Lewis has earned the respect and admiration of audiences and fellow comedians as well as the stellar reputation for being one of the industry’s most philanthropic up and coming performers. From the tough beginnings of being born with a congenital heart condition called Tectrology of Fallet, Lewis has survived four open heart... (more...)

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John Posey

John Posey, a graduate of the University of Florida, hails from Florida, Georgia and Oklahoma, though not all at the same time. He was noticed while toiling on stage for the Atlanta-based, 80′s comedy group, “Comedia”, a group he co-founded. He was later brought to Los Angeles by network casting executives, where he has since compiled a long list of theatre, television and film credits... (more...)

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Julian Rios

Julian Rios III, recent graduate from Cornish College of the Arts, is a trained actor and a certified Actor-Combatant proficient in the use of Broadsword, Rapier and Dagger, and Hand-to-Hand stage combat. During his time in Seattle, WA Julian studied under several working professionals and performed in several collaborative productions, including a re-working of the timeless classic The Doctor In Spite... (more...)

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