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Steve Bryan

September 21, 2010 by admin · Leave a Comment 

Steve has a very unique and distinguished instrument that is rich, deep and textured.  It conveys warmth and compassion, the voice of luxury, desire, and trust.  He can also easily make the transition to the voice of authority and gravitas with presence and intensity. 

His range and versatility cross many spectrums including commercial, promo, trailer, and narration.  He is the voice behind a major worldwide luxury hotel brand and of Phyllis Morris Originals/Circa, manufacturers of exclusive designer furniture in Beverly Hills.  He has also recorded state congressional campaigns and several corporate business applications. 

Promos include trailers for audio books, wrestling, rodeos, and Dirt Track Racing. Narrations include training videos for corporations and the United States military.  He is also the voice behind the 20th anniversary celebration video of Latin talk show host, Christina Saralegui. 

All of this is facilitated by a recently constructed state of the art home recording studio complete with phone patch and ISDN. 

Steve earned both a BA in Psychology and MBA from Ohio State University.  His continuing education in voice acting includes private coaching with two of the top vocal coaches in Los Angeles. 

His curiosity and thirst for knowledge has led to travel to many domestic and international destinations.  He is also involved in the local community, volunteering at the Braille Institute, recording for the blind.

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